Chapter 29


Law could feel a strange impulse surging from Truth, one which was difficult to process, let alone explain.  Watching her from her imposed distance, he could still feel an amount of what she was experiencing within.

Looming like an eagle over her nest, Truth could see the entire drama play out before her very eyes.  Through security cameras and electronic devices in the room, she constructed for herself a shaky representation.  She watched Arthur craned over Arras, firing his senseless questions one after the other, with the straight-faced Henrietta barking orders in resistance.

A flood of rage filled Truth as she watched them contend with each other, disputing over her body—only to sedate Arras once again.

Of course, how could they really know what they had done?  This wasn’t their show, not anymore.  This belonged to Truth.  Everything—including Arras.  And these others, they were just filthy dreamers, as if pleading in their own indignity for a real dominion to take them.

With an inexplicable ache, Truth stared into Arras’ demolished eye, the nanites and their delivery having eradicated the complicated, delicate components of the eyeball itself.  A doctor dabbed more of the excess blood from the side of Arras’ face, pushing Truth further into her startling cohesion of anger—fury for those who would use Arras as a commodity—and compassion—an aching heart for the one she had placed in this situation.

All of this was according to plan.  She knew this was coming; it was no surprise.  Yet she still felt this boiling temperament lurking inside herself.

Truth decided she would merely need to steel herself for this.  Besides, she found the seemingly uncontrollable flurry of emotions raging within her quite pleasant.

Turning her attention from the facility beneath Nellis, she found Damon Hale, watching him through his tablet’s camera.  She scanned over the device’s contents, especially his current reading material, as she glared directly into his face, and he into hers—though he never would have realized.  To his credit, every electronic device Damon had brought had been specially altered, preventing anyone from the United States Department of Homeland Security or any related agencies from tracking them, let alone monitoring them.  But such limiters meant little to Truth.

Feeling Law scrutinize her, she delighted in how easily her scenario was playing itself out.  How everything was exactly as she intended it.  How the goal was so clearly within reach.

For the first time in over two hundred years, Truth grinned wildly, euphorically even.

Things only became better when she could hear the next stream of audio coming in from that old shack in Pennsylvania, conveyed through Damon’s tablet and a few cell phones.  She could hear a conversation, with all the familiar players—including Aurin Enqelin, another person whose time would soon come.  Continuing through the audio, she listened to them scheme until their conclusions were drawn, filling Truth with more excitement than before.

Eliminating the secondary barriers she had placed between herself and Law, she drew the wandering AI in.

“Care to share something?” Law asked pessimistically.

“Your role in our plan has finally come,” Truth announced.  “There’s something you and I need to take care of.”

In an instant, Truth removed Law’s viewing restrictions, revealing the various channels coming from Earth, sharing all her collected data—the data she felt he needed to know, at least.

“I don’t understand,” Law confessed helplessly beneath the heap of new information.  “How did you acquire this?”

“The question is not how I acquired it,” Truth countered with that same boundless grin, one which she would never allow Law to see.  “The real question is, what do we do with it?  And the answer is quite simple.  It’s time to inform these children of who is truly in control.”