Infinite Zero


Lucas Weir is a young orphan and psychic living in an alternate reality of our own present day, thirty years after massive black hole-like objects---singularities---appear all around the planet. These singularities instantaneously devour entire cities and countries, devastating the world politically and ecologically, then begin to unleash goliathan killing machines---the Q.

Over the following three decades, the world comes together in a global military, in order to combat the Q. Meanwhile, among human populations, individuals capable of manipulating the world around them with nothing more than a thought begin to appear---psychics.

In 2013, a Q emerges with psychic abilities of its own, neutralizing all forms of conventional weaponry. When bullets and missiles prove to have no effect, a psychic human appears and inadvertently kills the Q himself. In the aftermath of this unprecedented event, the world realizes they can use psychics against these newly evolved Q, and perhaps even turn the tide on this thirty-year war.

In this vein, Lucas Weir is outed as a psychic and forcibly drafted into NATO as another of only a handful of powerful psychics. Forced to fight on the front lines against humanity's greatest enemy, Lucas and his comrades are thrown headlong into the mysteries of where the singularities came from, what the Q and psychics really are, and whether the world stands a chance of survival.