The Espatier Trilogy


Though the Heavens Should Fall

Daniel Eick is a gifted scientist in the making—that is, until he drops out of Cornell. Now, suddenly lost in the world that once felt so familiar, all he does is hide alone in his apartment, trapped in his own directionless thoughts.

But this all changes when a string of strange text messages from an unknown source are sent to his phone, leading Danny to the resting place of an alien woman named Arras and into an interstellar revolution two centuries too late.


The Trade of Kings

The race to locate what remains of the Rededication program rages on, and no one is left neutral.

Danny, Arras, and their team want to destroy it. The New Pact wants to use it. And the United States wants to hide from it. But Rededication has a plan of its own, one which could tear humanity apart at the seams.

The psychosomatic god is about to awaken, and with it—the end of the world.


Darker Than Night

Rededication has found the last safe haven in the universe for Arras, Danny, and the others, and Truth has begun her assault. However, nothing about her actions make sense, leaving the world to wonder what it is she's really after.

The people of Earth turn on one another, the people of the New Pact are used like puppets, and at the center of it all is Arras, Danny, and Truth. But when an old friend reappears and opens up a new path, these three will be led to the end of their war—and to yet darker paths than they have since walked.

When the war the Enqelins began two centuries ago extends far beyond simply combating Rededication, the universe itself—and all therein—will be brought to the brink of their own ultimate destiny in the making.