A long time had come and gone since the end of Rededication.  And in a distant corner of space, away from the rest of civilization, three people in particular shared another conversation.

“Do you want us to keep calling you Truth?” Danny finally asked her.

“What’s that?” she replied, perplexed.

“Well…  It’s just that, it’s not like you’re Rededication, and…”

“He’s right,” Arras agreed.  “It’s all right if you want to keep your name, but you don’t have to keep any ties to the old program if you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” said Danny, grateful for the help.  “But, of course, like she said, it’s not like you have to change it!”

“No, no, I think it’s a good idea,” Truth told them.  “I…  I just need a moment to think it over, that’s all.”

She took what time she needed, then returned to them with a request.

“There’s a name I’ve been very fond of for a while now,” she told them.

“What is it?” Arras asked, eagerly awaiting her decision with Danny.

A little shy now, Truth pushed herself to speak.  Tentatively, she asked them a question.

“Would you please call me Elsie?”