Welcome and Some Housekeeping

It’s taken me some time to decide on what the topic of my first post should be, and while I have something a little more interesting planned for the next immediate post, I thought the first should be immediately pragmatic.

First and foremost, thanks for digging this far.  This website is a project I’ve been working on, in one form or another, for about two years.  I’m hoping to make adjustments to it over time, to gradually better it in what ways I can—that makes this a work in progress.  But this site is also meant to be a stable platform from which I can share my older work (such as my Espatier trilogy), and from which I can launch my next projects, Infinite Zero (coming soon) and Aeon (in progress), as web novels.

As web novels, these two projects will be released incrementally, chapter by chapter, on (what I hope will be) a regular basis.  There will be more details to come very soon, as Infinite Zero should be ready to go in the coming weeks, but the long and short of this is that this is a bit different from my typical MO.  In the past, I’ve written my work, put it through the wringer with editors and other readers, and taken care of the subsequent details (hiring a graphics artist for the cover, acquiring an ISBN, etc.) before making it available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and as an ebook.  In other words, my projects have all been released at once, not chapter by chapter.  So web novels are new territory for me, but that’s what makes them interesting, I think.

Releasing my work in increments gives me a chance to show off what I’ve been working on more regularly, and I believe it gives readers an opportunity to engage my work more directly.  This arrangement is significantly different than before, but I think that just means the possibility of good things to come.  Of course, alongside any large-scale project, I plan to release an ebook and paperback copy as well, but for free and regular access to any of my projects, this is the place to be.

I’ll drop more details about scheduling and the like for Infinite Zero soon, and during its release I plan to not only blog about various aspects of the material, but to give updates on my latest project, Aeon, which is presently in the late stages of outlining.  Additionally, I also plan to blog on broader topics, to do with writing in general, character development, world building—anything that strikes me as relevant.  In the meantime, I suggest checking out my social media outlets, especially my author page on Facebook, for more regular updates.

In all honesty, the first iteration of this website is a pretty humble beginning.  But I’m also excited to break into this new area.  The goal is to expand my readership and provide people with a quick, easy means of accessing my writing.  I’ll be doing my best to polish this platform; and, in the meantime, I sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here.



Image credit: Rob Bye on Unsplash